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Fall, 2018 Tracking Test!!

Our TD/TDX will be 9/23/2018 at the Charlemont Reservation.  We will be having 4 TDs and 4 TDXs.  Our judges will be Ken Barna from Burton, OH and Judi Edwards from Beaverdam, VA.This test will be given in conjunction with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America’s National Specialty so in accordance with the AKC specialty draw rules we will draw Corgis first then fill the test with other breeds (Including All-Americans).  I know this will give less room for other breeds but the upside is that this is a fundraiser for our club.  There will probably be a chance to get some other breeds in, more likely in the TDX. We are also happy to have anyone come and watch!  Just email me.
Suzy Pare


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